Research work at the University of Tartu Faculty of Social Sciences focuses on the broad study of topics that are of importance to society. The faculty does research in the fields of law, economics, educational science and educational management, psychology, sociology and politics, and media and communication studies. The faculty colleges in Narva and Pärnu are important regional higher education centres. A substantial research topic in Narva is multiculturalism in education and other spheres of society, Pärnu College focuses on improving Estonian service economy.

Researchers of the Faculty of Social Sciences are highly acknowledged in their field of research. The faculty’s researchers participate in various international research groups and have been successful in applying for institutional and personal research grants which are intended for supporting high-level research activity. Researchers of UT Faculty of Social Sciences have a say in the country’s legislation and policy making and they are influential opinion leaders in society. 

Educational Science

Media and Communication



Political Science

Economics and Business Administration