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Research at the School of Law includes both Estonian and international projects, writing scientific commentaries on laws, publishing journals of legal studies, organising research conferences, participating in the publishing of local and international legal journals and guiding the upcoming generation of researchers. Our lecturers are actively publishing articles and monographs in internationally recognised journals and publishing houses and are authors of tens of legal textbooks and issues of legal commentaries. Furthermore, our scholars participate in the work of the legal studies journals Juridica and Juridica International.

Research Field Description

The faculty members actively participate in the work of various committees (the Judicial Training Council, the Estonian Bar Association’s professional suitability assessment committee) and counsel ministries and other institutions. The School of Law has close relations with many foreign universities and research centres that allow our lecturers to participate in international study groups. The institute often hosts foreign lecturers and doctoral students from various countries.

We have successfully applied to grants to support our research projects, including the EU Framework Programme, the Estonian Research Council’s grants as well as other national and international programmes.We also have many ongoing research projects that are led by the institute’s scholars.

The University of Tartu is the only university that has the right to carry out doctoral studies in law in Estonia. Our doctoral students participate in international research and study work as well as actively visit foreign universities. Many doctoral students are involved in the research projects of the lecturers.

Main fields of research

  • International law and human rights in Russia
  • International and European law
  • Information technology law
  • Legal bases of criminal law
  • Religion and human rights
  • History of Estonian law and legal studies
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Consumer rights in a digital common market


kuvatõmmis projekti Väike Nirvana videost

Research news: ethnic roots of Estonian peoples, problematic use of social networking sites, reducing the fear of pain, and a novel solution for wound treatment

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Lelde Luik

Doctoral defence: Lelde Luik “Re-evaluating the role of representative institutions in radical democratic theory: lessons from democratic identity construction in Latvia”

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Tartu Ülikooli peahoone

University of Tartu researchers received €60 million to develop two international centres of excellence