Strategic Plan of the Faculty of Social Sciences for 2022‒2026

The strategic plan of the Faculty of Social Sciences is in line with the strategic plan of the University of Tartu for 2021‒2025 and supports the achievement of its objectives in the faculty, university and society, taking into account the changing world. The document aims to set development directions and can be supplemented if necessary. The faculty also considers the UN Sustainable Development Goals when moving towards the goals set out in the strategic plan.

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International national university: bridging the East and the West

Cooperative research that provides solutions

Modern and inspiring studies

We shape and interpret the future society

The University of Tartu Faculty of Social Sciences has an empowering role and responsibility in cultivating the university family's creativity, innovation capacity, and entrepreneurship, fostering problem-oriented multidisciplinary teaching, research and development, and experimenting with innovative ways of cooperation and management and events.

A developing and innovative organisation

Serving the society

Supporting regional development, and presence in regional centres

Kadri Voorand

Musician Kadri Voorand to be the new Professor of Liberal Arts at the University of Tartu

Lossi 36 õppehoone droonivaatest.

Meeting with the Dean Candidates for the Faculty of Social Sciences will take place on 27 September