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Societal resilience is heavily connected to social structure and individual capacities. Hence, in addition to historical sociological research streams like social stratification, class, mobility, religion, gender and deviations, it is also crucial to examine social change. At the Institute of Social Sciences, we research and analyse not only changes in societal structure and processes but also coping with social risks and problems and we help find solutions for them.

Research Field Description

The Institute of Social Sciences focuses on researching large social risks and problems and charting their solutions. We want to learn which risks and problems are caused by contemporary societal processes such as migration, globalisation, climate change, lack of resources, technological development and changes in sociotechnical systems. Our aim is to support the management of change in society in accordance with base values such as ecological and social justice and sustainability.

Research is focused on three main topics in the Sociology field in 2022. Besides resilient and dialogical communities, we are also interested in social entrepreneurship, migration, integration, transnationalism and service design. We contribute to the shaping of a culture that values people’s wellbeing and self-fulfilment by researching children’s subjective wellbeing and vulnerability, proactive support services, the relationships between health risks and the environment as well as various types of social aggressiveness and violence. We find it important to analyse processes on the micro, meso and macro levels; cybercrime as well as large transitions.

Besides gaining new high-quality expert knowledge, we also find it important to participate in society. This includes both the mediation of our finds to society and the stimulation of public discussion culture. We involve students from the BA level in our research projects and studies in order to foster a new generation of researchers.

Main fields of research

  • Social wellbeing and social politics
  • Sociology
  • Resilient community
  • Migration and integration
  • Youth and social work

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Research news: ethnic roots of Estonian peoples, problematic use of social networking sites, reducing the fear of pain, and a novel solution for wound treatment

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Lelde Luik

Doctoral defence: Lelde Luik “Re-evaluating the role of representative institutions in radical democratic theory: lessons from democratic identity construction in Latvia”

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University of Tartu researchers received €60 million to develop two international centres of excellence