Ukrainian students continue to need help from all of us

The university calls on its members to help Ukrainian students continue their studies at the University of Tartu. More than three hundred Ukrainian citizens have applied for admission by now, and the number of Ukrainian students is expected to double by the autumn. The continued support of the university family is therefore crucial.

The scholarship fund for Ukrainian students of the University of Tartu Foundation, which collects and channels donations to support the studies of Ukrainian students at the University of Tartu, has so far raised nearly €65,000 and has already supported 32 students. Currently, 123 Ukrainian citizens are studying at the university. This spring, the admission deadline for Ukrainian citizens was extended until 1 June, and the university has said it could admit up to 250 new Ukrainian students.

The university has received more than one hundred applications from Ukrainians by now, and the number of Ukrainian students is expected to double by the autumn. The state is supporting universities and has promised to pay Ukrainian students' tuition fees and language tuition costs of up to €2,500 per semester. The universities have jointly agreed to allocate €500 of this amount to new students to cover the first month's living costs.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Aune Valk said that new students will definitely need help covering their living costs for longer, as parents who have stayed in Ukraine or are starting a new life abroad as refugees will find it difficult, if not impossible, to support their children's university studies. "Although the state offers the beneficiaries of temporary protection the possibility to apply for need-based study allowance, this is not enough to cover living costs, and Ukrainians who left the country before the war or are seeking temporary protection in another country cannot apply for it. All in all, our Ukrainian students will need around one million euros to cover their living costs during the next academic year," said Valk.

The first application round was open until 15 March. For the first time, scholarships amounting to €47,700 were disbursed through donations to 32 students. Scholarships of €1,100 to €1,600 were awarded, and the scholarship holders can use the money according to their needs. Ukrainian citizens are currently exempt from paying the tuition fee. Next application round in the UT Scholarship Fund for Ukrainian Students opens on 1 September.

Ukrainian students can be supported in several ways

Many events are coming up in spring and summer where university family is raising funds for Ukrainian students.

In addition, members of the university family can make a (recurring) donation to the scholarship fund for Ukrainian students in an amount that suits them. A recurring donation can be set up on the web page of the University of Tartu scholarship fund for Ukrainian students, and the amount can be changed later in the internet bank. Private persons can claim an income tax deduction for donations.

The university continues looking for options to fund the scholarship from other sources, incl. companies, the state and international funds.

Ukrainian citizens who are bachelor's and master's students at the University of Tartu can apply for scholarships from the scholarship fund for Ukrainian students of the University of Tartu Foundation. Students can use the scholarship according to their needs. They are exempt from tuition fees. The number and amount of scholarships depend on the total amount of donations.

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