Andres Vaher

Delta Trends Day 2022: The New Economic World Order

Delta Trends Day 2022 seeks answers to the following questions:

  • Is there a change in the world economy from a system of one leading force (hegemony) to one based on two or more hegemones?
  • Is deglobalisation ahead? Will there be two large camps with their hinterlands and allies.
  • How is the confrontation between the US and China developing? Technological nationalism as a rapidly gaining importance for economic policy. What could be the behavior of the European Union in this situation? How effective could be the EU in implementing the open strategic autonomy?
  • Will regional value chains replace global (global) value chains? Will it reduce international trade and slow down growth?
  • Will the global rules-based world economy become a regions-based world economy, with each region having its own rules? What could be the role of major international organizations – the WTO, the IMF, the World Bank – in these changes?

These and many other exciting topics of upcoming years in the economic sector will be discussed and analyzed during the Delta Trends Day 2022. Take the opportunity to take part in this unique event!

You can find full programme schedule, presenters and more on Delta Management School webpage.

kuvatõmmis projekti Väike Nirvana videost

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Lelde Luik

Doctoral defence: Lelde Luik “Re-evaluating the role of representative institutions in radical democratic theory: lessons from democratic identity construction in Latvia”

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