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Recording: opening event of the University of Tartu Centre for Sustainable Development

On 13 December from 14 to 18, the opening event of the University of Tartu Centre for Sustainable Development took place in the conference hall of the university library.  

The Centre for Sustainable Development brings together researchers, students and the knowledge of the University of Tartu across fields of research. Together, we seek solutions to the insidious challenges posed by the conflict between our planet’s resilience and human activity, which transcend national and disciplinary boundaries. The centre will be a platform for both the creation of new knowledge and collaboration with external actors.  

At the opening event, the centre's objectives were presented and participants discussed how closer interdisciplinary cooperation could support sustainable development in Estonia.


Part I (in Estonian, with simultaneous interpretation into English)  

14:00 Opening of the University of Tartu Centre for Sustainable Development. Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Aune Valk, Director of Development Taivo Raud, Head of the Centre for Sustainable Development Margit Keller

14:20–15:35 Short presentations and a panel discussion. What do we need to know about the atmosphere, culture, society and human health in the context of the climate crisis? If we do not share the belief in the infinite nature of linear economic growth and do not want to live in an anxiety-ridden doomsday mentality, what other options are there? How can we harness knowledge for the benefit of Estonia's sustainable development so that there is less isolationism of disciplines and institutions and more empathy and cooperation?  

Participants in the panel discussion:

Ivo Krustok, Green Transition Policy Adviser at the Government Office (online)
Experts from the University of Tartu Centre for Sustainable Development:
Piia Post, Associate Professor in Meteorology and Climatology
Hans Orru, Professor of Environmental Health
Raili Marling, Professor of English
Martin Noorkõiv, a doctoral student in social sciences, a member of the university council

15:35–15:50 Q&A   

Moderator: Margit Keller, Head of the Centre for Sustainable Development, Associate Professor in Social Communication

Coffee break

Part II (in English)  

16:15 Introduction. Margit Keller, Yoko Alender (publisher of the Estonian translation of the book Nomad Century)
16:25–17:00 Presentation by Gaia Vince, author of Nomad Century
17:00–17:40 Discussion "The great upheaval: mass migration, radical technologies and world politics?!" based on the book  

Gaia Vince, author, science journalist
Eva Piirimäe, Associate Professor of Political Theory
Velle Toll, Associate Professor in Atmospheric Physics  

17:40–18:00 Closing remarks and refreshments

Watch the recording:

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