University invites everyone to support the studies of Ukrainian students

This academic year, 205 new Ukrainian students started at the University of Tartu, in addition to the 70 Ukrainians already studying here. Although Ukrainians continue their education in Estonia without paying the tuition fee, many need help with living costs. Members of the university family can support them in several ways.

As the war continues in Ukraine, it is important that the university and its members continue to be supportive of the entire Ukrainian community at the university and help both newly arrived and continuing Ukrainian students.

At the end of February, the university established a scholarship fund to collect and channel donations to support Ukrainian students' studies at the University of Tartu. Ukrainian citizens in bachelor's or master's studies are eligible to apply for the scholarship and can use it according to their needs. The number and amount of scholarships depend on the total amount of donations.

Both companies and individuals are welcome to make their donation on the website of the foundation to the fund by making a one-time payment or setting up a recurring donation, the amount of which can be later changed in the internet bank. For private persons, donations are exempt from income tax. The university continues looking for options to fund the scholarship from other sources, incl. companies, the state and international funds.

The first application round ended on 15 March, and the collected donations helped to support 32 students with a total of 47,700 euros. Scholarships of 1,100 to 1,600 euros were awarded.

The autumn application round takes place from 15 September to 15 October. According to Maili Vilson, chair of the scholarship committee and Vice Director for Academic Affairs of the Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, it is precisely to cover everyday expenses that students need support: “Many students have just finished secondary school in Ukraine. As their family members living in Ukraine are unable to support their studies, they need help with their living expenses during at least the first year of studies.”

In addition to the possibility of applying for a scholarship from the scholarship fund, all Ukrainian students starting at the first and second level of studies in 2022 receive a one-off stipend of 500 euros. This amount comes from a total of €2,500 per student, which the state pays to cover the tuition fees and language learning costs of Ukrainian students in one semester. The students have been informed on how they can apply for this one-off stipend.

Members of the university family also have the opportunity to help the university's Ukrainian community at events they organise:

  • instead of buying a ticket, event participants could be given the opportunity to donate to the scholarship fund;
  • the invitation to the event could include the QR code of the payment solution;
  • at the event, donations could be collected using the payment terminal that can be borrowed from the University of Tartu Foundation (Katriin Fisch-Uibopuu,, 737 5852);
  • posters advertising the scholarship fund could be placed on the walls of the room, and leaflets could be distributed at the entrance. These materials are available at the university's Marketing and Communication Office ( The organiser (or moderator) of the event could draw the attention of participants to the donation opportunity and explain how to use the QR code;
  • if an information screen is available, it could display the slide of the scholarship fund.

Anyone who wishes to collect donations for Ukrainian students at their event is kindly requested to inform us by email at

Since May, the university family can use Ukrainian flag backgrounds when making video calls. At the initiative of the Marketing Office, seven backgrounds with the Ukrainian flag colours have been created for online lectures and meetings to show support for Ukraine in our daily work. The backgrounds and the materials about the scholarship fund for Ukrainian students are available on the intranet.

Your support matters!

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