Research Integrity

Research at the University of Tartu follows the principles of the Estonian Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. The code of conduct for research integrity describes the conduct expected from researchers and the responsibility of research institutions in ensuring research integrity, thus contributing to the increase of credibility of research in the eyes of the individual and the public.

For more information on research ethics in Estonia, see the Ethics in Estonia web page.

Estonian Code of Conduct for Research Integrity

Research Integrity counsellors

Research Ethics Committee





kuvatõmmis projekti Väike Nirvana videost

Research news: ethnic roots of Estonian peoples, problematic use of social networking sites, reducing the fear of pain, and a novel solution for wound treatment

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Lelde Luik

Doctoral defence: Lelde Luik “Re-evaluating the role of representative institutions in radical democratic theory: lessons from democratic identity construction in Latvia”

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Tartu Ülikooli peahoone

University of Tartu researchers received €60 million to develop two international centres of excellence