University of Tartu was recognised for supporting defenders of the state

On 19 June, the Ministry of Defence recognised the University of Tartu with the award “Supporter of defenders of the state” because, at the university, employees retain their salary during reservist training and other benefits are offered to defenders of the state. The ministry granted the recognition for the first time this year and awarded it to 50 Estonian companies and organisations.

According to law, employers must allow reservists who work at an enterprise to participate in reservist training. However, it is up to the companies and organisations to decide whether they retain the remuneration. The University of Tartu decided in 2018 that employees maintain their regular remuneration during the mandatory reservist training. The university also asks the teaching staff to consider the students participating in military training and organise the studies so that absences during the training would not cause significant gaps or additional workload for the students. 

Nearly 200 companies and organisations applied for the award. From these, the jury selected the fifty most outstanding ones. The jury comprised representatives of the Ministry of Defence, the Defence Forces and the National Defence League. 

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