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Next year, we will celebrate 20 years since Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania joined the European Union. Having now experienced a global pandemic, two financial crises and the effects of unfiltered globalisation, unprecedented movements of peoples across continents, and the start of the war ravaging Ukraine, we can say that today's world is more unpredictable and chaotic than 20 years ago.
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Postponing work is perfectly human, but engaging in substitute activities at the expense of an important task can end up costing you dearly.
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The University of Tartu is inviting future international students to come student shadowing and live one day as a university student.
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The UNESCO General Conference, which gathered in Paris on 16 November, elected Estonia to the council of a programme supporting free, independent and pluralistic media in developing countries. Estonia will be represented in the council by Ragne Kõuts-Klemm, Associate Professor in Sociology of Journalism and Head of the Institute of Social Studies of the University of Tartu.

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